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 The Village Mindset

As birth doulas, we are trained labor & birth companions who provide you with physical, emotional, and informational support. Our care model is unique because we believe in a team approach. 


When you work with us, we invite you into our village: you hire us as a team, we attend meetings together, and you are guaranteed to have one or both of us at your birth. We offer an experience of consistent care and support that puts you and your baby at the center.

Caia & Kasey

We met at a doula gathering. The rest is history.

Caia lives in Northampton, MA. She is passionate about reproductive health education and is interested to one day become a sex educator for adolescents. Her hobbies include listening to music, cooking, and photographing her beloved friends and family. Caia began to explore birthwork in 2017, educationally empowered by a midwife from her hometown. In 2018, she trained to be a birth doula with Michelle L'Esperance. As a birth doula, the primary concerns of her practice are to validate & tend to the emotional complexities of pregnancy, and to support her clients in accessing healthcare through an informed decision-making process.

Kasey lives in the woods of Leverett, MA. In addition to birth work, she is a professional facilitator and a grower of food. Some of her loves include a good hike, a good book, and good food with friends. Kasey trained to be a birth doula in Asheville, NC in the summer of 2013, and recently completed a secondary training in Western MA with Michelle L'Esperance. In addition to being utterly amazed by birth and birthgivers, she is drawn to birth work because she believes deeply that everyone is entitled to an empowered, supported birth experience. She strives to do work that feels accessible, inclusive, and supportive to people of all identities, and works to examine her own identities, perspectives, and blindspots through ongoing reflection and education.


Free Consultation


Choosing the right doula for you is important and personal. Our initial meeting will be a free consultation either at your home, or we can meet for tea or coffee. It is a chance for us to get to know each other, talk about expectations and concerns, and see if we’re a good fit.


Prenatal Meetings


We will meet with you at least once (preferably twice) before labor to discuss your priorities and preferences regarding your birth, as well as any questions, fears or concerns you may have, help you create a birth plan, discuss important questions for you to ask your care provider, and talk about comfort measures and coping strategies for your labor. Most importantly, we will discuss how we will be able to work together best.





Continuous Labor Support


We are “on-call” for labor support from two weeks prior to two weeks after your due date. We will be in touch by email and/or phone, as well as any other meetings we may decide upon, from the time of our prenatal meetings leading up to labor.


We will remain with you throughout your labor and birth, and provide support to you and your partner based on our previous discussions of what you want and need. We can also take photographs for you throughout your labor and birth, if you desire, and will be taking note of important events to discuss with you at our postpartum visit.


We will meet with you in the weeks following your birth to see how you and your family are doing, review your birth experience, provide information about baby care and breastfeeding, and get feedback from you about our role.



Our Rate

Our rate for the services described here is $900


We want this service to be accessible to anyone interested in this form of support. We don’t want to turn anyone away. We offer a limited amount of low-cost/sliding scale support. Let’s talk about where you are at via email or at a free consultation.





Contact Us

To say hello, ask us questions, or set up a free consultation, please email us:







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